YBY ep 269: Sammi Dittloff and a billion ways to build something creative.

This week, Yes But Why Podcast features podcaster and Twitch streamer, Sammi Dittloff.

Sammi Dittloff is an actor, writer, podcaster, Twitch streamer, and crafter who also works in marketing and social media. Sammi hosts and produces two podcasts: Pop Culture Diner is about The Bachelor and horror movies (and any other pop culture topics that comes up), and Dairy Free State, an interview podcast about food and health and what happens at that intersection. Sammi was working on a PhD in human geography with a focus on food equity across Milwaukee. (Whoa.) She is interested in a billion different things, all of which are creative in one way or another, and she seems to love working on all of them at once. Sammi is a very busy yet highly motivated person. If she says she wants to do something or learn about something, you better believe she’s going to do it.  She’s a funny, gracious gal who lives life at a breakneck speed.

We hit it off immediately. Sammi and I bonded about politics and how our parents’ involvement affected our childhoods (and honestly the way we think about everything now). We talked about building relationships and strategic communications; Sammi really schools me on some marketing ideas. This was a fun interview.

Sammi Dittloff

Sammi told me about being an actor kid growing up and how she dreamed of becoming a conductor of an orchestra. We chat about her work in promotions and media writing. Sammi told me about her community on Twitch and the fun shows she and her pals, @BizSnes and @aBlackSparrow are creating these days. I don’t know how she does it all but Sammi Dittloff sure is inspiring to me!

twitch tv @sammidittoSupport Sammi Dittloff by watching her on Twitch. On her channel she can be found playing video games, hosting trivia, and occasionally crafting. Follow her at @Sammiditto !

You should also listen to Sammi’s podcasts: Pop Culture Diner and Dairy Free State!

50 Mile Challenge Walk to raise money for the Wisconsin MS Society Sammi is also doing a 50 Mile Challenge Walk to raise money for the Wisconsin MS Society – If you would like to support her in this endeavor, click here to donate: https://bit.ly/challengewalk2021

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(production notes: recorded zoom meeting via Rodecaster on 6/2/2021…posted on 6/27/2021)

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