YBY ep 255: Lahari Dunn on how Austin Improv has shaped her as a performer!

This week on Yes But Why, I chat with Austin improviser, Lahari Dunn.

Lahari Dunn is an improviser based in Austin, TX.  She has performed in mainstage shows at various theaters in Austin.  She has also co-directed shows at The Institution Theater (Immigrants, The Musical! (Parts One and Two), The Hideout Theatre (Hideout Kids: ‘How I Saved the World Over Summer Vacation’ and Hideout Student: ‘Love on Deck‘), and Coldtowne (Capstone one night show: ‘Bands’).  She can be seen performing online with troupes Minority Report and Harlequin, and she looks forward to the days when she can perform onstage again with her lovely troupemates.  During the daytime she works as an engineer in the tech industry!

In our conversation, Lahari and I talk about imaginary friends, TikTok, and musical improv. Lahari tells me how she loves dancing and she grew up learning traditional Indian dances from her mother. We talk about the difference between creating standup on your own and performing improv and creating as a team. We talk about the importance of understanding one’s own sense of funny. Lahari has a great perspective on Austin improv theaters and it was interesting to hear how she has navigated the community in her own way.     

 Support Lahari Dunn  by watching her perform in Natatorium, an interactive, groundbreaking improvised show produced by American Berserk Theatre and Density512 in the month of April.  Ticket information can be found here at https://www.density512.org/tickets/natatorium.


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(production notes: recorded zoom meeting on 2/22/2021)



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