YBY ep 266: Improviser Bertrand Hance on learning to tell stories, not jokes.

This week on Yes But Why, I interviewed French improviser/musician, Bertrand Hance.

bertrand hanceBertrand Hance is a man with many creative talents. He is a skilled improv comedian and a corporate team building coach. He is currently teaching theatrical improvisation workshops for teens and adults through The Maison des Jeunes et de la Culture des 3 Maisons as well as an improv workshop for people with disabilities through APF Nancy. Bertrand is also a certified cooking teacher, a musical composer, and an avid amateur astronomer.bertrand hance onstage with microphone

In our conversation, Bertrand tells me how his brother got him into improv. Bertrand talks about the vibrant improv community of his hometown, Nancy. We discuss the importance of storytelling to culture, to being human.

bertrand hance playing guitar

We talk about the exhilaration of performing onstage and how much we both miss it. Bertrand and I connect on our love of teaching improv and helping people become more confident.bertrand hance onstage performing improv

Support Bertrand by taking a class from him! Check out his website bertrandhance.com to find out more about classes in acting, music, or cooking!

Zone 42 promo shotYou should also check out “Zone 42.” It’s a fantasy web series for which Bertrand performed as an actor and composed music for the soundtrack!


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(production notes: recorded zoom meeting via Rodecaster on 5/6/2021…posted on 6/7/2021)

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