YBY ep 295: Filmmaker Kelli Horan on learning through writing and revising.

This week on Yes But Why, I talk to independent filmmaker and artist, Kelli Horan!

Kelli Horan filmmaker artistActive in the filmmaking community, Kelli Horan was the Screenwriting Co-Director and Programmer at Other Worlds Film Fest 2020; she was a member of Women Communicators of Austin; and she was the Marketing Chair for Women in Film & Television Austin for 2019. She loves to support fellow independent filmmakers to make their visions come to life.between the trees Ax Wound Film Festival

Originally from Tucson, AZ, Kelli has written, directed, and produced feature and short films that have been featured in festivals such as SXSW, Other Worlds Film Festival, and Arizona International Film Festival.

Alongside filmmaking, Kelli creates visual artwork primarily in the medium of pyrography. Her work has been shown at Art for the People, Cherry Cola Dog, Black Lagoon Gallery, and can be found through the Etsy store, “From the Pyre.” FROM THE PYRE collage painting

In our conversation, Kelli and I talk about creating new worlds out of the ones we are living. Kelli shares that her start in fiction writing was borne out of teen angst. We examine journaling and its connection to storytelling.

We talk about the difference between making art and selling art. Do you make your art for your audience or for yourself? We discuss.

Kelli Horan filmmaker artistKelli makes a lot of art. Not only has she written, directed and produced quite a lot of films (Between the Trees, A Grievance with Gravity, Maybe Shower, Summer League etc etc etc), but she also creates these amazing collages and pyrography art pieces as “From the Pyre.”   And that’s not even her dayjob!

Kelli tells me about the way she prepares for film festival submissions after she completes a film! Because, as she shows us, the process is not complete when making a film if you do not put in the effort to get it seen and connect it with its audience. Kelli’s meditative childhood games playing with marbles reveal a very organized and prepared artist. She taught me a lot about the work before the work and the importance of a writing ritual.

To Support Kelli Horan, follow her on social media for announcements about upcoming film projects and artwork releases. Kelli is on Facebook HERE and on Instagram HERE and HERE!FROM THE PYRE pyrographic art heart coasters

Kelli’s artwork can be purchased through the Etsy store, “From the Pyre.” (Highly suggest! I have a few pieces at my home!)

Deep cut: My son was in Kelli’s film, Maybe Shower!


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(production notes: recorded via ZOOM on 11/4/2021…posted on 12/27/2021)


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