YBY ep 315: David “BS” Bradshaw on his passion for empowering creative people

This week on Yes But Why, I interviewed emcee/beatboxer, David “BS” Bradshaw about his love for performing freestyle rap and teaching workshops.

David “BS” Bradshaw has been emceeing and beatboxing in NYC for the past decade. His primary focus the last five years has been refining his craft as an artist- educator and programming specialist.David BS Bradshaw

He has toured regionally, performed at the Apollo, been featured on BET’s 106&Park, and The Today Show. He’s collaborated on hip-hop based team-building and professional development seminars with entities like Facebook, Nikon, Toyota, the Museum of Street Art, BMW Foundation, Carnegie Hall, and Lavelle School for the Blind.

BS is a BEAT Global T3 certified instructor with background as a Spanish Dual Language teacher. He currently facilitates workshops for learners of all ages and abilities in freestyle rhyming, songwriting, and beatboxing, including incarcerated youth and special needs populations. You can find BS teaching at Freestyle Love Supreme’s Rap Academy, his own Freestyle Fitness and Beatbox Express workshops, or at a place of warm gathering in your community.

This was such a lovely conversation with BS. He is such a joyful person. We talked about becoming creative out of defiance. BS shared moments in his life when he was forced to face his individualism and when he decided to embrace it rather than give in to the bullies.

David “BS” Bradshaw is an artist that has the kind of charm and determination that will keep him afloat through this creative life. He told me his mother’s mantra, “You win some, you learn some.” And I couldn’t agree more! Having a good attitude through tough times can make all the difference.

BS told me of his recent development as an artist. He had been active in the performing all the time / producing albums lifestyle before the pandemic. But when major changes disrupted this path, BS pivoted and used his skills to develop online classes spreading the joy of freestyle rap to the world. He spoke of his workshop attendees as his friends, his community. BS is building a strong, supportive community with Freestyle Fitness!

Support David “BS” Bradshaw by listening to his music or by taking a workshop with him!

Join the party at: trustBS.com/classes

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(production notes: recorded zoom meeting via Rodecaster on 4/27/2022; posted on 5/16/2022)

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