YBY ep 313: Comedian Zack Lyman talks about little projects and The Big Laugh

This week on Yes But Why, I had the pleasure of speaking with Arizona-based stand-up comedian, Zack Lyman.

Zack Lyman Stand-Up ComicZack Lyman has been performing stand-up comedy for over 13 years. In that time, he has been written about by such publications as Vulture Magazine, Phoenix New Times, and Comedy Hype Magazine. His live shows are unique and full of energy. Zack recently filmed his own soon-to-be-streaming comedy special, The Big Laugh

Recently Zack became a TikTok Partner, tasked with creating funny videos to teach people how to use TikTok. He also makes his own videos, tinkering with electronics and fixing arcade games via @thriftingwithzack. His podcast, an interview show which is aptly named “Zack Lyman Podcast” has been featured in the Top 80 on Apple Podcast charts.

Zack was such a fun guest to talk to! He had great stories and he was so amiable. In our conversation, Zack told me how he went from barista to open mic host to stand-up comedian. He imparted his joke writing process and the ways his own style has changed over the years.

Zack Lyman Stand-Up Comic

photo by Jennifer Giralo

Zack discussed how great it was to have his TikTok projects during the pandemic and how it helped him to feel creatively fulfilled even when there was no stage to tell jokes from.

Zack is a great guy and is clearly working to lift up all the comedians around him. He has organized a tour of his fellow comics and got a lot of his friends out on the road. Zack also produced, The Big Laugh, a streaming comedy special he made to showcase his comedy community.

Support Zack Lyman by watching his TikTok @thriftingwithzack and listening to “Zack Lyman Podcast” on Apple Podcasts.

Support Zack’s recently filmed comedy special, The Big Laugh, by going to biglaughshow.com and filling out the contact form to be alerted when it is available on streaming services.



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(production notes: recorded zoom meeting via Rodecaster on 3/28/2022; posted on 5/2/2022)


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