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YBY Episode 18 Pat Dean

This week, Yes But Why podcast is overjoyed to talk with Pat Dean, standup extraordinaire. As you may have heard in our episode with Lisa Friedrich, WE LOVE PAT DEAN. He’s funny and kind and full of stories. We discuss Pat’s standup comedy career path, the differences between improv and standup, and the importance of being a godfather. Click to play OR right click to download

YBY episode 17

This week, Yes But Why podcast celebrates Lauren Knutti (pronounced “Canoe-Tea”). A staple of the Austin improv and film community, Knutti is setting sail for Los Angeles very soon in hopes of becoming a very big star. We discussed her career aspirations, the lies we tell ourselves to keep working as an actor and the surprising moments of inspiration and support that one can find in every gig. **Special shoutout…
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YBY episode 16 Patrick Neese

This week, Yes But Why podcast talks to our best friend forever, Patrick Neese. He is the man who builds props and acts and writes comedy and pretty much none of our shows would happen without this guy. We chat about Buffy and Blockbuster and time travel. A well rounded conversation on all accounts. Click to play OR right click to download special shout out to Patrick for meeting us…
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YBY episode 15 throwback to OUR FIRST MEETING

This week, in a VERY SPECIAL EPISODE, Yes But Why podcast reminisces about the beginning of our friendship. This is the recording of our first meeting. It was in November of last year and it was the first time our beloved hosts had ever talked to each other as a podcasting team. It’s delightful and funny and starts with a story about peeing yourself (of course).  Click to play OR…
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YBY episode 14 Brett Vervoort

This week, Yes But Why podcast chats with our good friend, Brett Vervoort. She’s an old soul that just graduated from college and she’s one of our very best friends. Listen as we discuss Brett’s childhood dreams, our collective narcissism and ancient mythology. This one’s a long one, mostly because we had such a great time with Brett. Enjoy! Click to play OR right click to download and because we…
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